+ Why the EC Seat? What's wrong with existing potty seats or trainers?

The problem with existing potty training seats is that they were designed for toddlers. In fact, existing products are simply miniaturized toilets with gimmicks that are not truly beneficial to the buisness. Babies were born instinctively to not soil themselves. It was an evolutionary advantage to not cover yourself in harmful bacteria several times a day. It is well known that babies go through an inconsolable crying period between 1-4 months old. This has long been a mystery amongst pediatricians. But consider this, this is the period when parents are rewiring their babies' brain to poop on themselves. And the babies are kicking and screaming because they don't want to poop on themselves. With the EC Seat, you can safely and easily start elimination communication as young as 1 month old. Another key difference is that the EC Seat places the baby in the ideal pooping position. Science has proven that people were meant to poop in the squatting position. Once you’re in this position, the rectum fully opens and poop starts to flow. Try squatting right now if you don't believe me. You will feel a slight sensation. People were not meant to poop sitting up. It was barbarians’ misinterpretation of ancient roman toilets.

+ How does the EC Seat improve potty training?

Traditional potty training is essentially just reteaching your child that they shouldn't poop on themselves. They actually instinctively know from birth to not soil themselves or their parents. It is frustrating to many parents because your child has just spent the last 2-3 years learning that pooping on themselves is okay. And now all of a sudden, you're telling them it isn't okay and poop belongs in the toilet. Imagine how frustrated and confused your child must feel. By using the EC Seat from one month old, you are maintaining your child’s elimination instincts. You can expect your child to tell you when they need to go as soon as they can talk. And when they can also walk and get on the toilet themselves, they will be potty trained.

+ Is it a lot of work to use the EC Seat?

You can use the the EC Seat as often or as little as you like. You can get significant benefits with the EC Seat by just using it twice a day to send the poop directly down the toilet. This is because it's the poop that causes the most health problems, skin rashes, and discomfort. When you are in tune with your baby, it only takes 5 min or less for them to do their business.

+ Does the EC Seat work for boys?

Yes, the seat was designed with extra space in the front and the baby's positioning was carefully designed so the artillery does not point upwards. Depending on the child, you may or may not have to help him point “it” down. :)

+ How stable is it?

The EC Seat was enginerred with a grippy base and protruded center to help locate and prevent the EC Seat from sliding or tipping. Your child also sits very low into the seat. This lowers the center of the gravity, making it very difficult to tip over.

+ How heavy is the EC Seat?

Approximate weight is in the range of 2-5lbs and the EC Seat will be hang-able when not in use.

+ What sizes are available?

The EC Seat is designed to be a one size fits all and will be the first and last toilet seat that you’ll need to buy. Before your baby outgrows the EC Seat, he will be able to use a regular adult toilet.

+ Why is it called the EC seat?

The “EC” comes from elimination communication and it is pronounced “easy seat”. The name was inspired by how easy it was to practice elimination communication with the EC Seat.

+ How do you clean the EC Seat?

The EC Seat doesn't typically get dirty after each use. Clean with lukewarm water and mild soap. The pee deflector area may need a monthly wipe with rubbing alcohol for disinfection.

+ Is it recyclable?

The EC Seat is recyclable. it will be made from a high tech bio-plastic that's created from renewable sources like sugar cane.