Engineered by a Parent for Parents

The EC Seat was engineered to be used by infants from one month old to when they are fully potty trained.  Can you really potty train your baby by four months old?  Not by the traditional definition because they can't speak or take themselves to the toilet.  But they will be consistently pooping in the toilet given some assistance from you.  What you are really doing is practicing elimination communication. The main difference between potty training and elimination communication is how often your baby does her business on the toilet versus in her diaper will directly depend on your resilience, physical strength, and dedication.  The EC Seat aims to lower all these demands and make it easier, safer and more fun to practice EC for both your baby and parents.

EC Seat Front

Patent Pending

The EC Seat is a patent pending infant potty seat, designed to relax the puborectalis muscle to fully open the rectum for a complete bowel movement while supporting the upper back and head of your little one for a safe and enjoyable elimination experience.

Puborectalis muscle position for pooping.jpg

Full support & no clean up

The high back provides the critical upper back and head support to have a safe elimination experience from 1 month old

Poop goes directly into the toilet, no catch basins to clean up.

EC Seat Cross Section

Ideal elimination position & self centering

The green lines shown above highlight the support area that positions your little one to completely relax the puborectalis muscle allowing the path to the anus to fully open

The grippy base and protruded center prevents the seat from slipping off the toilet and makes setting up quick and easy

EC Seat Back


Curved back and head rest to help support and center your baby

Designed to spread your babies weight to reduce pressure points

Soft, low thermal transfer surface to keep your baby warm and comfortable

EC Seat Top

universal fit and easy to clean

Universal fit over toilets of all shapes and sizes including squatting styles

Glossy smooth and easy to clean surface

Fits over generic small plastic bins, allowing you to use the EC Seat anywhere