Healthier Skin and Healthier Urinary Tract

Babies are often diagnosed with diaper rash and urinary tract infections.  So much so that it is considered a normal part of growing up.  We're here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way and there is a very simple method to preventing both.  Minimize the instances of them pooping and peeing on themselves.  Going in the diaper is not natural. no matter if it's disposable or cloth.  It should be considered a convenience, like eating take out or fast food.  Eat it once in while and you're fine.  Eat it every day and expect there to be health problems.


Why are diapers so bad?  It is because diapers are an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and yeast.  Staph and Strep are the bacteria that causes diaper rash.  They are commonly found in feces and will do us no harm as long as the feces don't stay on the skin for prolonged periods.  But that's a tall order if you solely rely on diapers and train your little one to do their business in their full-time.  After the bacteria compromises the skin's natural barrier, your little one will become much more susceptible to yeast infections. Candidiasis caused by Candida is the most common type of yeast infection.  Candida is found in small quantities all over the skin and an infection has nothing to do with what you eat or what you've come into contact with.  Yeast just reproduces like crazy under the right conditions.  Antibiotics may be prescribed to treat the skin problems but here's where the downward spiral starts.  Antibiotics weaken your immune system making your body more susceptible for reinfections. Doctors prescribe more antibiotics, You become even more vulnerable to infections.


Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused by E. coli, a bacteria found in the poop, entering the urinary tract.  Girls are more susceptible to UTIs because of their relatively shorter urinary tracts compared to boys.  Simply stated, poop got on places it doesn't belong.


The developed world has been brainwashed over the last seven decades to not even question if we should diaper our children.  Extremist will argue that one method or the other is the best.  But what we believe is that each solution has its place.  Elimination communication should be the main method of handling the poop and pee from your child.  Cloth diapers are a great backup to catch the pees that you miss because you were too distracted or busy.  Disposable diapers are great for long road trips and outings or if your baby has a stomachache. 

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