Contrary to the notion that infants relieve themselves randomly and constantly throughout the day, babies naturally eliminate at predictable times such as upon waking or after feeding. . . . the best way to prevent [skin infections and UTI] is to get children out of diapers.
— - Jeffrey M. Bender, MD - Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist
Many are shocked that early toilet training is even possible.  Interestingly, it is the grandparents and great-grandparents who are most familiar with EC and are the biggest supporters of using it. . . . By the time [our daughter] was 18 months old and developmentally ready, she transitioned seamlessly into using the toilet independently
— - Rosemary C. She, MD - Pathologist and Medical Microbiologist

Happy Moms and Dads


We've had our fair share of diaper explosions and getting pee'd on before using the EC Seat. We can't imagine raising another child without one.  We're so happy to not have to deal with the stinky poop when our LO started solids.  Plus, we never had to deal with diaper rash.

— Peggy x

My baby is 11 pounds and fits really comfortably on it. It's very sleek and easy to use. Not overly bulky. The savings in diapers and potential for early potty training are what attracted me. The environmental impact was what sold my husband. I'm a cloth diapering mommy, and to think of all the hours I'll save folding prefolds, stuffing pocket liners, defunking diapers and airing out stains? WORTH IT!

— Laura c

It's a pretty cool product that works! Potty training an infant is not so crazy after all. Claire pooped in it after sitting on it for a few minutes.

— Tiffany J

First success was when my baby farted and I sat him on the EC Seat.  Felt great! Now I can brag to my friends.

— Henry T